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The Issue

The NYC Housing Authority (NYCHA) wants to trap 600 homeless cats living in Ravenswood, a large housing project in Long Island City and bring them to Animal Care & Control, where most will surely be euthanized.

SaveKitty wants to Trap-Neuter-Return all the cats, find homes for the kittens and friendly adults, and return the rest (about 200) to Ravenswood, where they can live out their lives and provide natural rodent control for the residents. With the cats they currently have NO rats.

The Cost

NYCHA'S way: $180,000 of taxpayer's money ($300 per cat X 600 cats )

SaveKitty's way: FREE

Who is Behind SaveKitty

SaveKitty has won the support of the following organizations in an effort to save these cats:

* Humane Society of the United States
* Humane Society of New York
* Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals
* Best Friends Animal Society
* Bideawee
* Neighborhood Cats
* The Toby Project
* Many local vets

How You Can Help

After months of struggle, we are finally meeting with NYCHA tomorrow morning to present our case.

We need you to contact NYCHA with your support of SaveKitty's TNR effort.

Email Tonight: Send email to NYCHA Chairman

Call Tomorrow Morning: (212) 306-3000

Talking Points:

TNR is the only effective solution. Why waste taxpayer money when it can be done for free. Trap and eradicate (what they're planning) doesn't work. It only creates a vacuum effect, bringing more unneutered cats into the territory to multiply. If TNR is not done at Ravenswood, by the end of kitten season they'll have hundreds more cats to deal with. If the cats are removed the rodents will move in.

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