mansikka (mansikka) wrote in vegan_ny,

veg groupons/living social vouchers for sale

In one of life's grand little curveballs, I find myself moving to SF in two weeks. I have a good # of livingsocial vouchers and groupons for veg places in the city and I just won't get to use them before my time's up. Rejoice! Here's your chance to get tasty food on the cheap.

Quintessence -- worth $40 (pay me $20)
Pine Box Rock Shop -- 2 vegan waffle brunches ($7)
Pommes Frites -- 2 x $11 ($10)
Sacred Chow -- $40 ($20)
Teany -- $10 ($5)  n.b. expires Sept. 30
V-Spot -- $30 ($15)

Expired ones: these you can redeem for what I paid for them. Prices discounted accordingly.
Pure Food and Wine ($20 x 2) -- I'll take $20 for both of them.  Groupon said to me that it is up to the individual business to decide whether they would honor two expired Groupons at once. Usually there is a one-per-table limit. But because you're not getting promotional value for them, maybe they would. Whatever. If not, just duck in for one of those awesome sundaes and a glass of champagne twice.
V-Note ($15) -- I'll take $5.

First person to take something off my hands gets a free $10 to Idle Hands Bar in the East Village. I work in Midtown East and live in the EV. Send me a message and let's do this. <3 thanks!

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